Introducing me.

My studies in management and sports training in the the UFRSTAPS of Dijon and my many years of traithlon have built a strong knowledge of the processes related to the form and the maintenance and development of physical abilities. The aspects of loss and weight management are as fundamental in a sporting career but also everyday for lost persons or discouraged by inefficient plans repetitions.


A3.Coaching was born of a simple idea: Provide an alternative to conventional coaches who care about only one activity by opening up the field of possibilities in all directions, taking into account the individual in his environnemnt to understand the difficulties and obstacles that preclude success.

What interests me is the way, not the height that it brings me!

Too concerned about the high level coaches overlook certain lesser athletes or don't not even care. Here everything is clear and fixed from the outset depending on the chosen package.

Let us find a mode of operation that will take you to achieve clear and affordable objectives we will study together the feasibility.

The only limits are the ones we will set together.

The competition is not necessarily what mobilizes my attention, I would have just as much to the heart to help a student, a mother, a club or anyone in a project related to développemnt body and physical aspects of his life.

Weight management is an area where I will have the desire to accompany you. Both for the competitor or those who like to get into shape or  refine.

It is together that we will move forward ... display me of challenges!