The training is a process that must lead to excellence or at least towards progress.

But in this process, sometimes the sportsman, whoever he is being lost en route if it is not followed by an external watchful eye.

Progress is always present in the first part of your approach. By cons, they often cause euphoria that will lead you to make mistakes.

The worst that is to think that you just have to do more to advance more. Certainly it works ... for a while but soon s fatigue 'sets in, the body no longer responds and it's where the problems begin.

Either your training plan reflects this fatigue and the decline in performance and everything will get the order, or you do not control everything and you go putting yourself in danger by continuing down this path.

Often the psychological aspects come into play and rather than admit that more is too much, we analyze things and say that perhaps this is not enough!

The rest are less and less respected, sleep is less good, the guilt of not training led to continuewhat sould be stopped ...

In short, everything pushes you to the bottom of the hole and, again, without a serious technical support to stop you, you will regret very soon to have wanted to go too fast.

Indeed, between the time the mechanisms are put in place and the time we accept that it must stop, there are often few weeks ... and even lost rather twice that one!

He probably will need a rest and therefore several weeks of recovery before you end up where you start to fall!

All this without counting the possible associated injuries and deficiencies.

The over-training is a real danger foryou and your coach will preserve.