Step by step.



Training is a beautiful thing but some bases must be established so that the effectiveness of these sessions pay.

At this stage it is necessary to differentiate , even if it is somewhat Manichean , the pleasure driving and driving performance.

The first is conceived as isolated sessions with little relation to each other ; Where for the most part, the pleasure of practice for itself is required.

The second is seen as a logical sequence of blocks overlap each other and whose ultimate goal is progress ; competition and transcendence.

Opposing the two conceptions is not very fair because the regular necessarily induces progress but the limit might be reached quickly.

Similarly a competitive design without practical enjoyment is illusory and meaningless .

These bases being asked , what about the escalation and where this concept brings us ?

Whatever option you choose, you will end up facing the escalation management sessions.

In the competitive option, this will be a component of vital importance in that it will always comply growth measured in the volume and intensity of training. Again these two concepts to grasp with measure to allow improved performance at each appointment competitive.

Thus, your coach should be able to organize the sessions so that all components of performance are organized optimally to maximize the chances of success ... regardless of level,  the success is always relative. Reach a goal set by measure, over a given time, this is the challenge of your coach.

The performance of the components are numerous and go beyond mere physiological factors.

Then you measure success based on conditions and issue then expose new working hypotheses for the future.

Your coach should be a wise counselor who does not take you into the wall ... but do not you promise mountains and marvels either!

The same goes for the leisure option because progress is always waiting for you from the moment you get involved in an activity.

Your coach should be able to track your progress and offer small challenges that will take you to new sensations and pleasure. Feel fit is so fun!